Lisa N Edwards

Over Achiever,
Presenter(Host), Actress, Producer,
4x Award Winning Screenwriter!!!! YAY!
Mum of 5,
Founding Managing Director of Visual Media Group
Former Managing Director of VisionsMCP (until 2nd Jan 2014)
NIDA Graduate,
Once Owner of a HSV W427,
Often described as OCD,
"I like the labels facing front & towels hung neatly"
Lover of Fast Cars... V8Supercars!!!
Film Fanatic,
Shoe & Beanie Bear Collector,
Fan of Excessive Punctuation!!!!!!

You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying ;)


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Super EXCITED to share my episode of Neutral Car Show from Subaru Interactive at Docklands Melbourne. It was a bit of a struggle to get a word in as Cody Crocker and Dean Herridge love a chat :)

But if you like it, please comment or give it a ‘LIKE’

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AGAIN… I am extremely blessed to have just over a week ago returned from Sunny Colorado… yes when I was there it was sunny, no snow to my dismay, and as I flew out of Denver it started to snow…and hasn’t stopped since! Oh well, while I was there I did get to see it though thanks to Sandy, Cameron’s amazing Mom (translation - Mum for all the Aussies reading this) :P

Anyway off on a snow tangent, as I was saying, I was extremely blessed to be again working with the Super TALENTED Cameron Radice, on his new film, a Romantic Comedy about a blind date that goes incredibly wrong!

I can’t wait for you all to see it! We will be hitting the festivals and hopefully gaining the interest and laughs of many who watch it!

Here’s what Cameron has to say about his new film…

It was so much fun while we were filming, with Cameron and his very talented team at Camera Speeds behind this, it will be nothing less than AWESOME!!!!



To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other & to FEEL, That, is the purpose of Life!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The End of an Era and the Beginning of a new one…

Just over 10years ago In August 2003, I bought VisionsMCP and so my Journey began, I have made some amazing friends, it has had it’s ups and downs along the way, I’ve had a love/hate relationship, I bought it to give my 4 kids (at that stage) a better life, and within 6months of purchasing was pregnant with my 5th child her first year of life was spent in my office, one of the perks of being the boss, it also provided opportunities I could not afford without it, I built an empire and created many opportunities for many many actors presenters, extras, models and promotional talent, but my heart has always been in front of the camera, I have had many internal conflicts with how can I be everything for everyone when that is what I want myself.

One of my proudest moments during my time as the Owner and Talent Agent at VisionsMCP, was not from the agency itself but the fact I put myself through NIDA, I auditioned just like everyone else (there was no special treatment) and was accepted, for the next year flew myself up there at 5am every week and graduated with the most talented class of Presenters there is! For the entire duration of owning VisionsMCP I have been training and preparing for this moment, from Courses with Aleksi Vellis to LAs Margie Haber to name a few.

For the past 3 years I have been flying back and forwards to LA, my aim to break into Hollywood, this has had many ups and many many downs, the hardest film market in the world to crack, but in order to give it 100%…

everything I have got, I decided to sell VisionsMCP as ALL the talent on the books deserve more than I am able to give them. While they will have a new owner, Taren will be remaining as a familiar face/voice and the most amazing staff member and friend anyone could ever have, and I’m lucky I get to keep her friendship!

So what’s in store for me… I’ve taken away my backup plan, I have co-written a feature film script with my friend Sonita Singh, we have so far won 4 Awards in the USA, and are in the process of talking with production companies, agents and studios regarding the budget and  production of our film,

I also have opportunities acting in several films which I will release when contractually allowed to.

I will miss the many funny conversations and excuses (I’ve heard everyone in the book and more) I won’t miss being yelled at by stressed out casting directors (they’re not all like that) when my talent are late, gave a lame excuse for not turning up, or did something stupid on set.

I will miss the random conversations when casting directors, clients or talent call just for a chat, I am lucky I get to keep these most amazing people as my Friends, so please keep in touch, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and my website if you want to keep in touch and I hope you all do! I’ll be around at VisionsMCP until just after the New Year, and then my hard work will begin when I dive head first into the unknown!

Wish me luck and I hope you all keep in touch :)

EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE 4th AWARD FOR LIMBO!!!! Sonita Singh and I are over the moon! 4 AWARDS for our feature film script!!!! Still pinching ourselves!

Hello Lisa Congratulations! Your script, LIMBO, has won an Award Of Merit for this season’s Script Competition with Women’s Independent Film Festival. Our website is currently being updated with award listings and information for the upcoming festival. You will see your award listed on the website by Dec 3rd at 4pm PST Again, we are thrilled to have awarded your project this season and it is talent like yours that inspire festivals like ours!! Best, Janine

We are again excited to announce another AWARD for our Screenplay LIMBO! This time from Skyfest VII - a Certificate of Excellence! It is so exciting to be recognised by peers for our work, we hope to have more news very soon confirming Production!!

Check out to stay up to date with all our news!

LIMBO wins another AWARD!!!!!

2013 OFFICIAL FINALIST - THRILLER/HORROR in the World Series of Screenwriting!

My Most Favourite Americans!
Jimmy Fallon even dropped in ;) Universal Studios Tour Rock Walk at The Guitar Centre on sunset Red Carpet at Australian's in Film Awards & Benefits Dinner 4 Million dollar Bugatti... anyone? Chatting with the lovely Osher Gunsberg at the Australian's in Film Award & Benefit Dinner SO WET!!!! After a ride on Jurassic Park at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Robert Pattinson!


Australian’s in Film Awards & Benefit Dinner where I caught up with Osher Gunsberg, and met Robert Pattinson! I also chatted to Steve Papazian (President, Worldwide Physical Production- Warner Bros).

Then a trip to Universal Studios to take my friends tour.

A look around The Rock walk at The Guitar Centre on Sunset Boulevard, explore Rodeo Drive, and a trip to Balboa Island!

What an amazing few days! I’ll be back soon that’s for sure!!!

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